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Corporate outline
Corporate Identity
-- Outline of business --
Internet mail-order
Trading business
Corporate Information
Corporate name
Shanghai Soken Trading Co., Ltd.
President Jin Dong Chen
Head Office A208, Minggu Keji Yuan, Zhong Chun Lu 7001, Shanghai, China, ZIP201101
Tel 021-3952-5854
Established Jan, 2010
Capital (Paid up) US$80,000
E-MAIL info@soken-sh.com

Main businesses Ⅰ.Planning, Design, Production, Sale, Operation, Management, maintenance for Internet
    Exhibition Center at Website, Web contents and HP
Ⅱ.Export, Import, Triangle and Intermediate Business for Machinery, Equipment, Industrial
    Products and their parts, accessories and materials.
Ⅲ.Product Planing, Export, Import & Sales for General Commodities, Products for Clean
    room, Functional Material and etc.
Ⅳ.Ship management as Owner's agent

Corporate History
July, 2005
Launch of promotion of sales for Machinery-related business , inaugurating Liaison Office in Shanghai Hongqiao development district
Oct, 2005 Launch of promotion for importing materials & parts concerned with backlight in Chinese
Oct, 2007 Launch of import of generl commodities such as carpet and flooring clean roller, adhesive packing tape(BOPP, cloth and paper type) and adhesive clean mat for clean room and food processing factory.
Aug, 2008 Fulfillment of business colaboration contract between a Chinese leading manufacturer of OPP products and a Korean leading company of  adhesive tape manufacturer
Mar, 2009 Fulfillment of business colaboration contract between a Chinese leading manufacturer of adhesive clean roller and Japanese leading companies of adhesive tape manufacturers.
Jan, 2010 Establishment of Soken(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. With US$80,000
Aug, 2010 NC Feeders developped by our own technoligy are manufactured and supplied.
May, 2013 Soken Tech Co., Ltd. has been established in Tokyo, Japan and started her business activities.
May, 2015 Contract with 24EXPO Japan, Inc. as a sole agent for China and launch of Internet Exhibition business and Lauch